The Crown Chakra (

Sahasrara The Crown Chakra icon, color, symbol, rocks

The Crown Chakra is the direct connection point to the spiritual or Divine levels. Through the crown chakra, one can interact with the spiritual level, either by praying, meditating, doing energy healing work such as Reiki or receiving spiritual assistance. This chakra influences brain function and your emotional thoughts. Self realzation, selflessness and divine love are common results of balancing the crown chakra.

Signs This Chakra is Out Of Balance

Depression, intolerance, lack of acceptance, fear, mental disorders, fear, materialism, memory and learning issues, apathy, spiritual crisis, inability to forgive. sense of isolation or separation, despair.

Signs This Chakra is Healthy

Joy, love, spiritual, blessed, unity, wisdom, open minded, peaceful, connected to the universe, strong nervous system, compassion, forgiveness flows freely.

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Tools to Balance Your Crown Chakra

By having a healthy series of chakras, your mind and body will be at ease. Use the following tools to create a more balanced Crown Chakra.


To restore balance, these can be placed directly on the chakra to which it is related during meditation or relaxation. One may also carry in a pocket, wear as jewelry or even place in a room where you’d like this chakra’s energies to take precedence.
White Topaz, White Calcite, Amethyst, Rainbow or Clear Flourite


There are specific scents associated with each chakra, and by using the appropriate scent you can help restore the chakra to normal function. You may burn incense or a candle. Oils may be placed directly on the chakra, added to bath water or used with a diffuser.
Gotu Kola, Lotus, Lavendar, Myrrh, Frankincense


Just as chakras are centers of energy, plant life carries its own energy vibrations which can be used to match, stimlate or balance the vibrations of specific chakras. These can be used by drinking as a tea, used as a seasoning on food, as herbal remedy in various forms (lotions, tablets, creams, etc.)
Valerian, Vervain, Meadowsweet, Gotu Kola, Tulsi, Lotus, Periwinkle, Lavender


Affirmations are brief statements of intention that can help in rebalancing chakras. The more you repeat your selected affirmation statement, the more you draw similar energies to you while also triggering your subconcious to accept what you are saying as true or a state that is already in existence. In addition to repeating to yourself throughout the day and in meditation, you may also write on a post-it and place it in a common area where you will see it regularly.
“I love and accept myself.”
“I understand my life’s purpose.”
“I am connected with the wisdom of the universe.”
“I have complete faith that all is well.”
“I express and experience great joy.”

Bija Mantra

The Bija mantras are one-syllable seed sounds that, when said aloud, activate the energy of the chakras in order to purify & balance the mind & body. Chant the bija mantras, either one at a time or in sequences. Repetition can help you access a meditative state.

NOTE: Before using any herbs/oils/etc, discuss it with your doctor and a qualified herbalist or other professional to ensure your safety. Pregnant women as well as breast-feeding mothers should avoid the use of herbals. If you have a pre-existing health conditions, get a doctor’s consent before using any herbs. oils, etc. Some herbs can interact with over the counter and prescribed medications and can affect the result of the drugs in question.

Sahasrara The Crown Chakra icon, color, symbol, rocks
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