Why Worry Stones? Top 3 Reasons

Why Worry Stones? Top 3 Reasons

You might have noticed that many of the sets we offer at Chakra Rox include worry stones. “Why?,” you ask. Well, I’ve got a few reasons.

Worry Stones Reason Number 1 — SIZE AND WEIGHT
Our worry stones come in a great size (most are 50X40X10 mm). They fit easily in the palm of your hand and feel comfortable with a solid weight that isn’t too much. They also fit niceley in my pocket and aren’t too heavy. (I’ll be honest, some days I’ll have 5 or 6 stones in my pockets to add a little extra inspiration to my day. These aren’t nearly as heavy as some of my larger stones so they don’t weigh me down if you know what I mean..

Worry Stones Reason Number 2 — THE GROOVE
Each of our worry stones come complete with a nice smooth groove down the middle of the stone. (For reference: Palm stones do NOT include this groove.) Much like the big attraction with the fidget spinners, this groove provides a calming sensation when you rub it with your index finger and thumb. As your fingers experience the texture of the stone (some are smoother than others) you can feel a little of the stress melting away. It is said these too can assist with Anxiety and ADHD. The magic is really all in the groove!

Worry Stones Reason Number 3 – QUALITY
Our worry stones come from a supplier right here in the United States. And, they have always proven to be high quality stones. I’m often complimented on their beauty and weight.

So, don’t worry, be happy. Worry Stones Rock! : ) Thanks for asking!

How Do I Use my Worry Stone?
You can use a worry stone like any other stone. Place it in your pocket, under your pillow, next to your bed, in your purse, etc. However, as I mentioned above, the beauty of the Worry Stone lies in the groove. When you find yourself anxious, nervous or just fidgety, simply place the worry stone between your thumb and forefinger and follow the groove in a circular motion. Like a fidget spinner, this activity tends to ease the mind and creates an outlet to wind down any discomfort or anxiety. Just keep following that groove until you realize that these uncofortable feelings have passed. If you want to take it to another level, you can do this in a meditative state and add an intention to it, preferably one that ties in to the supportive properties of the stone you are using.

So, say you are trying to troubleshoot a problem at work or school, but you’ve hit that wall where you just feel like you’ve got nothing else to give or you’re just overcome with frustration. Grab your worry stone (in this case I’d suggest a Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite or Amethyst), and find a comfy, quiet spot away from any distractions. Start following the groove of your worry stone as described above, and while doing so add an intention that you repeat to yourself (in your mind or aloud, whichever you find works best for you) over and over as you stroke the stone. Also, pay attention to your breathing — slow and easy is best. An example of a statememnt of intent might be. “I am connected and the open to the answers.” “I am grateful for this challenge and will find my clarity.” “Clairty is my friend and will lead me to resolution.” Try to continue in this manner for at least 2-3 minutes. Take as long as you need.

Worry Stones are also great to use when aligning chakras. Details on that here.

Caring for your Worry Stones
Crystals and stones do us a great service by supporting our chakras and often helping us to remove blockages created through negative thoughts, fear, stress, etc. In doing that, they can soak up those unwanted energies. To keep your worry stones healthy, it is suggested you cleanse and charge your crystals and stones regularly (at least once a week, preferable every 3-4 days).

  • Selenite
    The easiest way to cleanse AND charge your stones is with the use of Selenite (click link for details on Selenite properties). Simply place your stones on or right next to any Selenite product (This can come in many forms and sizes. Choose what works best for you. (See our Chakra Rox Selenite products here) for at least 4 hours at a time if possible. This removes the negativity and also works like recharging a battery, bringing it back to its ful energetic strength.)
  • Moonlight
    Placing your crystals and stones in a windowsill, outside or any place where they can essentially bathe in the light of the moon over seveal hours is another option for cleansing and charging your stones and crystals. Even if this isn’t something you can regularly do (maybe like me, your trees block the light), it is highly suggested to attempt this approach during a Full Moon when energies are at a higher level.
  • Sage
    While sage doesn’t really charge your crystals, it can can cleanse them as well as also restore the positive energy in your home. You can burn real sage and bask your stones within the rising smoke. There are also sage sprays or incense which can work as well.

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