6 Inch Crescent Moon Shaped Large Selenite Charging Bowl

6 Inch Crescent Moon Shaped Large Selenite Charging Bowl

  • An artistic, whimsical version of our Chakra Rox Large 6 Inch Selenite Bowl featuring a crescent moon shape. This unique charging station is large enough (yes, 5 7/8 to 6 Inch Diameter and 1.5 Inch height!) can hold, cleanse and charge many of your crystal bracelets, rings, necklaces, crystals, gems, crystal pendants for recharging at the same time. Place them around or inside of this bowl charging station that is heavy enough to avoid being knocked over by curious pets or little ones.
  • Genuine Moroccan polished Selenite charging station cleansed and additionally charged with Reiki energy by a real Reiki Master. Offered in a stylish crescent moon bowl design as an attractive yet functional accent for any room in your home. NOTE: These are created from natural stone which will include imperfections, especialy due to the natural fibrous state of Selenite. It is a soft form and scratches and flakes very easily, so be gentle.
  • Dimensions: W: 5 3/4 ” to 6 ” X D: 1.5” NOTE: Crystals/stones/jewelry/coins shown in photo are for sizing reference only and are NOT included with your Selenite recharging station, but are available for seperate purchase from ChakraRox on Amazon. Selenite Information card is included.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Reiki Charged Selenite Charging Station/Bowl offered in this listing are only available from Chakra Rox (a brand of DK Exchange). DK Exchange is a 5-star U.S. Seller out of Austin, TX.
  • Great gift for your favorite crystal lover. Also a beautiful addition to your crystal grid design.

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