Reiki Charged Red Tiger’s Eye Worry Stone

Reiki Charged Red Tiger’s Eye Worry Stone

  • Support your courageous self in career, education, romance and more with this Red Tiger’s Eye Worry Stone. Tiger’s Eye is said to encourage one to delve deep within to find true courage and build self esteem. It works in concert with the solar plexus to bring balance, confidence and strength. Great for entrepreneurs, a major career change or just to get you through that speech you’re are nervous about
  • In addition to use with Reiki and other alternative healing modalities, worry stones are shown to assist with anxiety and ADHD. Each worry stone has a smooth groove down the middle of the stone that offers a soothing effect when rubbed with the index finger and thumb. Each fits nicely in the hand as well as most pockets. So, it’s easy to carry along for those days when you need a little extra support.
  • Worry Stone size: 50x40x10 mm . Note: Because these are natural stones each worry stone’s color, design, patterns will vary from photo shown. Includes info card with a detailed description of Red Tiger’s Eye properties.
  • Each worry stone is cleansed, charged and Reiki charged by a Reiki Master. Note: Coins shown are for size reference only and are not included.

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The worry stones are a great size and shape for working into your meditation routine. I generally prefer to lie down when using my worry stone set with meditation so that I can easily place each on it’s corresponding Chakra. For best results with Tiger’s Eye, place on its primary chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra (see diagram for location).

Chakra locations incluidng crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra and root chakra

I generally use these while listening to a guided meditation for courage, confidence and self esteem. Click below for a sample meditation to use with your Tiger’s Eye worry stone. s you breathe in, imagine that you are breathing in light through your Solar Plexus and the Tiger’s Eye stone you have placed there.

A Guided Meditation to Quiet Self Doubt and Boost Confidence.(a little less than 30 minutes long)

I also enjoy this short affirmation audio/video. While listening and participating with each affirmation, I like to imagine a white light entering my body through the Solar Plexus Chakra and through my Tiger’s Eye worry stone as I breathe in. As the light enters my body, I envision it transitioning from white to the mixed brown colors of the Tiger’e Eye worry stone. I imagine my body filling with this light from head to toe. As I exhale I allow all negativity to exit through my chakras and melt away into a stream, leaving me free of fear and anxiety. Click below for this short affirmation audio/video:

I Am Affirmations: 6 Minutes of Courage, Confidence and Positive Energy

Everyday Moral Support
Place your worry stone in your pocket or maybe your purse (although I tend to think the closer to the body the better). Simply having this with you will enhance your own characteristics that are tied to the property of the stone (i.e. Courage with Tiger’s Eye, Security/Sense of Belonging with Bloodstone), but adding the following pieces will provide a richer experience:

  • Set your intention. With this set, your strongest intention would lie within the field of courage and confidence. Don’t know how to set an intention? Click here for a guide
    Once your intention is set, allow your worry stone to act as a reminder of that intention throughout the day as you look at it or even fidget with it in your pocket. As you do, simply repeat your intention to yourself or share with others if you so choose.
  • In any moment when you feel as if you need a little extra support, simply rub the stone between your thumb and forefinger along the groove. As you do, become concious of your breath and concentrate on your intention. You’ll be amazed how relaxing this simple act can be. It has been proven that worry stones, like fidget spinners, are great for anxiety, stress and even ADHD.

Stretching Yourself in Everyday Life
Don’t allow fear or anxiety rule your actions. Choose to step out at least a little bit on a regular basis. You can start small and do something once a week — this can be as easy as wearing something a little more bold to work, chiming in on a discussion that you would otherwise have been too shy to share, or taking a different route or form of transportation to work, or accept an invitation to join a Meet Up with a friend. Whatever the situation may be, make sure to bring your Tiger’s Eye with you. In that moment that you feel fear sneaking up on you, simply reach for your worry stone, stroke it’s edge and remember/say to yourself, “I am Strong. I am Confident. I am Worthy!” If you can swing it, do this at least three times.


Click here for details on caring for your Tiger’s Eye.

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