Embracing Change and Lapidolite

Embracing Change and Lapidolite

Did I mention that I’m prime for change, the perfect storm – my first is out the door for college this year and my youngest will graduate in 3 years? My Mom, my cats, my body is getting older. I’m still young in my head. In fact with all this, I find myself going back to that side of me – the kid with the whole world ahead of her and nothing to lose. I find that the ‘nothing to lose’  part fits here too, but this one is about beating the clock. Make memories while you still can. Life is about making your own memories, not watching someone else’s.

There’s also another change that is bubbling up in my life, in my very being, from my very skin. On this rock that is me, Chakra Rox, climate control is a luxury. No, my air conditioner didn’t break. I did. The temperature is all over the place. I am so thankful for a husband that loves me enough to still want me in the same bed, hot with sweat, but chilled with goose bumps everywhere —  my legs, back, shoulders. I am seriously up constantly in the night. This is the change that own’s today’s focus and thus the selection of today’s rock.

Today’s Rock: Lapidolite

So, enter Lapidolite. The ones I received are a beautiful lavender shade of purple with flecks of silver throughout. It’s a lovely stone, but fragile for sure. Just like picking up one of my daughter’s art pieces, after admiring them I feel touched by magic as my hands shimmer with the broken shards lying there. In addition to a great look, one of the properties includes assistance in subsiding the hot flashes – Hallelujah. [I couldn’t push that button to order fast enough. 3 days later (and many nights of lost sleep later). They arrived this morning.]

So, the jury is still out. I purchased ½ lb of which most are currently in a velvet bag next to me. I have 3 pieces out. Anyway, I haven’t had a major flash since this morning right after coffee. Did have a few almosts, but they didn’t get off the ground.

Today’s Meditation

To match with my rock theme, my focus was menopause today. I tried this one out and liked it for the most part, BUT the jury is still out here too. There’s a lot of continuous talking, which is a lot to process quickly while I’m relaxing and engaging in my meditation. Even with that, I did like the messaging so I’ll try this one a few more times.


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