Deluxe Student Care Package

Deluxe Student Care Package

Finally, a college care package that will support your student’s studying environment, rather than elevating their sugar levels or inspiring tooth decay. Each item in this care package was picked specifically to assist in creating a healthy study environment. And in addition to being cleansed by sage and charged by Selenite, every item is personally Reiki charged for you by a Reiki Master. 

  • Includes 1- Fluorite Worry Stone, 1- Lapiz Lazuli Bracelet, 1-Chakra Balancing Bracelet with Lava Stone Diffuser, 1- Natural Black Tourmaline Key Chain, 1-10 ml Rosermary Essential Oil, 1- Small Amethyst Cluster. Great gift for students – middle school, high school, college!
  • FLUORITE WORRY STONE – Flourite is known for increasing mental focus when studying. It is also considered to be supportive when performing research. It can help rid mental blocks and assist with understanding higher, complex concepts. Referred to as the Genius Stone, it promotes quick thinking and absorbtion of new ideas. Like a fidget spinner, Worry Stones can soothe anxiety, promote relaxation when the user simply strokes the smooth groove or the stone with their index finger and thumb.
  • LAPIS LAZULI BRACELET – Lapis Lazuli is associated with wisdom, intuition, mental clarity, improved memory and insight – all things crucial to successful studying.
  • CHAKRA DIFFUSER BRACELET – A stone for balancing/healing of each of the 7 main chakras is included on this bracelet in addition to Lava stones if you wish to add/wear a scent for additionally enhance the studying experience. Rosemary is suggested for supporting study/focus. Includes: Amethyst (Crown Chakra), Clear Quarts (Third Eye / Brow Chakra), Sodalite (Throat Chakra), Aventurine (Heart Chakra), Citrine (Solar Plexus Chakra), Carnelian (Sacral Chakra) and Red Jasper (Root / Base Chakra).
  • BLACK TOURMALINE KEY CHAIN – Included so that you avoid negative energies wherever you go, It is perfect for the student who is nervous about upcoming exams. The protective properties that shield you from worrysome thoughts can keep students focused on their studies. It is also said to relieve stress and anxiety, increase alertness and improve self confidence – all desirable benefits when prepping for Finals or other exams. For Deluxe, see 2 extra features listed under product description below

Additional Deluxe Version Features:

  • AMETHYST CLUSTER – Amethyst stones are overall healing stones. They are linked to relieving stress, diverting negative energies and attracting positive energies. They assist with sleep and relaxation and are also associated with intuition and creative thinking.This cluster looks great in any apartment, dorm or home on a desk, in a study room, night stand and more.
  • ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL – According to a study by Northumbria University, exposure to Rosemary can boost memory. In the study, students who were working in a room filled with Rosemary scent achieved 5 and 7 percent better results on memory tests. In Ancient Greece, students would don rosemary garlands specifically to wear while taking their exams. You can place this on your diffuser bracelet included with the kit, add to your air diffuser or if you prefer simply take a whiff from time to time as you study.

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